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Blu Cobalto I

Valmont Blu Cobalto I 50ml

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Storie Veneziane

Extrait de parfum
Oriental Gourmand
A haunting passion for the ostentatious

All opulent and luxurious personalities fall prey to the addictive power of this captivating extrait de parfum. The baroque exuberance of a flight of deep and earthy patchouli succumbs to the chocolate delicacy of pure cocoa and is enveloped in a balsamic and ample opoponax perfection. This perfume for men and women is one of the most generous creations from this collection.


Campo San Moisè unfurls the whiteness of its marble beneath an immaculate blue sky. The frenzy of an adored district, beloved by shoppers for its display of luxury. With a deep heart and full wake, Blu Cobalto I leaves no one indifferent. It is determined. It consumes. This captivating fragrance flourishes with luxurious ingredients from the East that transport a heady scent from Constantinople.