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Chanel Blue Serum
Chanel Blue Serum
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Chanel Blue Serum

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Blue zones are 4 regions of the world where people live better and longer: Nicoya in Costa Rica, Sardinia in Italy, Ikaria in Greece and Okinawa in Japan.

CHANEL Research has selected 3 essential natural ingredients from diets of the world's blue zones and extracted their most potent molecules to bring them together in a face serum.

Green coffee from Costa Rica, olive from Sardinia and lentisk gum from Greece (exclusively harvested in Chios - Protected Designation of Origin - traditionally consumed in Ikaria), with revitalizing and antioxidant properties, are brought together in the new universal serum by CHANEL.

The formula of BLUE SERUM provides an immediate sensation of freshness and ideally prepares the skin to receive the benefits of your usual skincare.

Day after day, the skin looks younger, firmer, healthier.



CHANEL Research has evaluated the efficacy of BLUE SERUM thanks to 3 key benefits:

- Wrinkles are smoothed: -35%*
- Skin is firmer: +21%*
- Skin tone is more even: +38%**

And for the first time, CHANEL Research has developed two indexes*** to measure the youthful and healthy aspect of the skin:

- Youthful aspect index (tonicity and density of the skin, skin tone uniformity, reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and spots): +23%*
- Healthy aspect index (smooth and plump skin, firmness, radiance and well-rested aspect of the face): +23%**

*Clinical evaluation on 44 women after one month of use (France)
**Clinical evaluation on 45 women after one month of use (Sardinia)
***Development of an index and consolidation of efficacy results by CHANEL Research



The formula of BLUE SERUM combines the best of nature and technology. CHANEL Research has selected 3 natural ingredients and has transformed them into efficient cosmetic active ingredients, using advanced green technologies:




Application ritual

On cleansed skin, perform LE GESTE BLUE SERUM. Then, apply BLUE SERUM daily morning and evening, before your usual skincare.


It combines pressure points with fingertips (x3) and deep smoothing movements outwards with index and medium finger (x3) on the following areas:

1- Jawline: pressure points from the medium line between the chin and lower lip, then deep smoothing movements to the earlobes.

2- The corners of the lips: pressure points from the corners of the lips, then deep smoothing movements on the cheeks to finish on the ears.

3- Nostrils: pressure points from the external part of the nostrils, then deep smoothing movements to the temples.

4- Forehead: pressure points with all the fingers from a vertical line in the middle of the forehead, then deep smoothing movements to the temples.

5- Temples: perform 3 circular movements on the temples with the fingertips, then go behind the ears and finish down to the clavicles.