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Chanel Le Blanc Crème
Chanel Le Blanc Crème
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Le Blanc Crème

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Bring your most beautiful light to life.

LE BLANC Crème Healthy Light Creator, a groundbreaking 3-in-1 brightening cream, enhances and amplifies your skin's healthy pure light. It acts on 3 major aspects of skin health to moisturize and revitalize skin, boosting vitality and brightness. Formulated with CHANEL exclusive TXC™, ume flower extract and ume flower oil which moisturize the skin, it works holistically with the skin to allow its natural luminosity to blossom and grow. The luxurious, creamy texture of the cream intensively envelops skin in lasting comfort, leaving it smooth and velvet-soft to the touch. Even, hydrated, smooth and radiant, skin is intensely moisturized and nourished. The complexion bursts with a healthy pure light.



Skin looks healthy and beautiful: flawless, even, translucent and bright. Intensely hydrated and nourished, skin appears plump, comfortable, soft and smooth and fine lines are visibly reduced. Now perfectly able to reflect light, skin blooms with new radiance.


Healthy pure light:

1. Revitalize:

Radiance +21%*




2. Brighten:

Dark spots -27%**




3. Nourish:

Comfort +28%*




Immediately, the skin is moisturized, smooth and enveloped in comfort.

The complexion looks brighter and luminous.

After 1 month, its healthy pure light bursts from within.


*Instrumental evaluation, after 4 weeks (n=21)

**Clinical evaluation of facial dark spot intensity, after 4 weeks (n=21)



LE BLANC Crème Healthy Light Creator is formulated with CHANEL exclusive TXC™, ume flower extract and ume flower oil which moisturize the skin.

A symbol of strength, vitality and rebirth, the ume flower is the first flower to blossom in late winter, even under a blanket of snow, or at the arrival of spring. It is harvested by hand-pick during a limited blooming season, only in the morning to preserve its unique powers. Gentle yet strong, the flower allows skin's healthy pure light to blossom by performing three actions:


1. REVITALIZE- Ume flower extract

Vitality is essential to perfect skin health. CHANEL has developed an extract of ume flower: a natural, exclusive* ingredient. Skin is visibly revitalized.


2. BRIGHTEN - TXC™ & Ume flower extract

Brightening the skin is the second core effect of LE BLANC Crème. The formula helps diminish the appearance of existing dark spots.


3. NOURISH - Ume flower oil

For skin to radiate its best health and beauty, it needs to be thoroughly nourished. Enriched with Ume flower oil, LE BLANC Crème deeply nourishes the skin, ensuring long-term hydration.


*Extracted from the most premium variety of ume flower cultivated in an own designated field, exclusive to CHANEL with a specific extraction process.


Application ritual

Apply morning and evening to the entire face and neck, after LE BLANC Sérum.