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Chanel Le Lift Flash Eye Revitalizer

Le Lift Flash Eye Revitalizer

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The expert duo that revives the youth of the look in the blink of an eye. FLASH EYE REVITALIZER illuminates the eye area in two steps: a massage using the roll-on releasing the anti-aging serum enriched with a vitaminic complex, followed by the application of revitalizing patches. The spectacular result is immediately visible.


The anti-aging serum diffused by the roll-on has an intense firming and lifting effect thanks to the LE LIFT star ingredient.

'The vitamin-enriched complex boosts the formula for revitalized eyes that sparkle with youth. The roll-on action reinforces the draining effect to better reduce puffiness and dark circles.

The patches heighten the effectiveness of the serum and help the formula to penetrate for an instant lifting effect.

Right after the patch application, the features appear ideally rested and smoothed. Dark circles are diminished.

Smoothness: +10 %*
Radiance: +16%*

* Clinical test on 32 women after the first application.


For the serum:
. The LE LIFT star ingredient: highly firming 3.5 -DA
. Three vitamins essential to the skin's beauty: B3, C and E for radiance.
. An anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness complex.

For the patches:
. An ultra-fresh hydrogel base enriched with revitalizing and draining ingredients.

Application ritual

. For an instant beauty fix:
Glide the roll-on over the eye contour, then apply the patches and leave on for 10 minutes.

. For a firming care :
Use the roll-on morning and evening for ten days. Apply the patches in the evening only.

Serum application and massage:
. Remove makeup, cleanse, dry skin. Shake the serum before use. Glide the roll-over the upper and lower eye contour, as well as crow's feet, from inner corner to outer corner. Repeat five times at a vertical angle, without pressing.
. Blend by patting with fingertips, then delicately smooth from the inside outwards.
. Next, apply each patch. Leave on for 10 minutes to enjoy a moment of relaxation.