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Chanel Le Lift Fluid
Chanel Le Lift Fluid
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Le Lift Fluid

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Composed of botanical alfalfa concentrate, hydrating and gentle on the skin, the LE LIFT Fluid formula is also enriched with roucou seed extract to reduce areas of shine. It helps to minimize the appearance of pores and unwanted shine. Lightweight and airy, its texture feels ultra-comfortable on the skin. Its smoothing and firming effects leave skin looking smooth, firm, mattified, and radiant with youth.


Skin looks smoother, firmer, and less shiny, and pores appear tightened. Beyond its ability to smooth and firm the skin, LE LIFT Fluid is also ideal as a makeup base, for a velvety finish and optimal wear.
Visibly firmer skin: +26% (1)
Shine: -25% sebum (2)
Pore visibility: -25% (3)
Comfort: +39% (4)

(1) Clinical evaluation of 30 women after 1 month of use.
(2) Instrumental evaluation of 30 women, 15 minutes after application.
(3) Clinical evaluation of 30 women immediately after application.
(4) Self-assessment completed by 30 women immediately after application.


LE LIFT Fluid is formulated with 96% naturally derived ingredients.

-Botanical alfalfa concentrate: extracted from an age-old plant and grown organically in the South of France, this ingredient is obtained through a green biotechnological process. Known for its unique mineral-replenishing and nutrient-rich properties. It helps maintain the skin's balance and strengthen its barrier function through hydration.

-Roucou seed extract helps to diminish the appearance of pores.

Application ritual

Apply LE LIFT Fluid to the face and neck every morning and evening after applying LE LIFT Serum. An alternative to LE LIFT Cream, it also makes an ideal makeup base.

For optimal product performance, use the following application techniques:
Before applying the product:

1. The smoothing technique. Using your thumb and index finger, gently pinch the skin along the smile lines and forehead line, then smooth. Repeat 3 times.

2. The firming technique.. Use the thumb and four other fingers to perform deep pinching movements along the jawline and on the cheeks. Repeat 3 times.

The House of CHANEL and its experts have revisited the Kobido massage technique for the LE LIFT line. Inspired by traditional Japanese massage, this smoothing technique is meant to be performed after your skincare routine.
Massage one side of your face with the palm of your hand, using deep, smoothing strokes in sets of 3. Start at the base of the neck and work your way up to the forehead in the following sequence:

1 - upwards on the neck, from the collarbone to the jaw
2- outwards along the jawline, from the chin to the ear
3 - upwards on the cheek, from the lower jaw to the cheekbone
4 - from the nose to the temple area, following the natural line of the cheekbone
5- outwards on the temple area
6 - upwards on the forehead, from the eyebrow to the hairline

Repeat on the other side of the face