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Chanel L'Eau Micellaire
Chanel L'Eau Micellaire
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L'Eau Micellaire

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CHANEL introduces a new sensorial richness to the daily cleansing routine with a collection of simple and effective makeup removers and cleansers. These universal creations are dedicated to all women and skin types, and offer the most exquisite makeup removal.

The high tolerance formula of L’EAU MICELLAIRE is recommended for all skin types, and particularly sensitive skin. In a single step, it removes makeup and cleanses the skin while respecting skin pH thanks to a prebiotic molecule. Its micelles capture and eliminate makeup - even longwearing - impurities, UV filters and pollutants.

Ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested on all skin types and particularly on sensitive ones.


Application ritual

Use every evening to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. Every morning to cleanse and refresh the skin.

1. Dispense 4 pumps of L'EAU MICELLAIRE onto a cotton pad.

2. Gently smooth the cotton pad moistened with L’EAU MICELLAIRE onto face, neck and lips. Repeat the gesture until the cotton pad is clean.

3. Continue with another cotton pad for the eyelids and eyelashes. If needed, leave the cotton pad for a few seconds on the eyelashes, then wipe off the lashes starting at the root.

4. Wipe off the lips with a moistened cotton pad.


At the heart of its formula, L’EAU MICELLAIRE associates two marine plant extracts to cleanse the skin while preserving its essential functions.

- Blue micro-algae remove pollutants.

- Marine Salicornia extract moisturizes and strengthens the skin.

In addition, its formula is enriched with a prebiotic molecule for a soft, moisturized and radiant skin.

L’EAU MICELLAIRE combines the performance of these ingredients with an ultra-fresh texture for a perfect and comfortable makeup removal.