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L'Elixir Des Glaciers Essence Of Bees Serum Majestueuse Vos Yeux

Serum Majestueuse Vos Yeux

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Essence Of Bees

Lifting eye serum

Lifts the upper eyelid, hydrates and smooths contours.

The essential smoothing concentrate to wake up the eyelids.


The doe-eyed effect! With an incredible satin texture, this serum offers a new youthful look when used on the entire eye area. It lifts dropping eyelids and smooths furrowed brows. Its exclusive complex combines cellular cosmetics, ingredients found in beehives, and contour-targeting ingredients, in order to moisturize, clean and regenerate. Skin appears rested. Suitable for all skin types.


Essence of Bees: honey, propolis and royal jelly combine to nourish, repair and soothe skin. DNA and Liposome RNA: hydrating, regenerating power of DNA with repairing, healing power of RNA. Eye lifting complex: peptides boost elasticity and firmness.


Mornings and evenings, apply one pump below the eye, close to the nose. With your ring finger smooth outwards and upwards to the eyebrow and temples. Continue onto eyelid crease and eyebrow arch with delicate taps for 30 seconds. Wait a few seconds to let your skin absorb the serum then apply your VOS YEUX eye cream.


The Valmont Elixir des Glaciers collection, Essence of the Bees, captures the incredible benefits of bee products in the potent eye lifting serum. The luxurious collection is based on three key ingredients with unprecedented health benefits: honey with moisturizing and skin repairing properties, propolis (sealant in bee hives) for purifying capabilities, and the nutritious royal jelly for a skin regenerative powers. The Essence of Bees Complex and Eye Lifting Complex found in the satin serum, minimize the appearance of wrinkles and visibly lifts eye lids, noticeably awakening eyes.

Ingredient features: Essence of Bees Complex, DNA AND RNA Liposome, Eye Lifting Complex, Silanol

Made in Switzerland