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l'Elixir Des Glaciers The Precious Celebration Set

The Precious Celebration Set

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L'Elixir Des Glaciers

The finest natural ingredients combined with cellular science in a limited-edition set.


L’Elixir des Glaciers celebrates 20 years of creation, 20 years of enhanced beauty. For Collection Précieuse, which technical sophistication is combined with Switzerland’s preserved natural resources, the anti-aging science behind our Triple DNA and RNA in Liposome joins forces with the magic of dedicated plants extracts. Born in 2001, Votre Visage, a true icon of contemporary luxury, blows out 20 candles in a very modern way. Add our Sérum Précieux Votre Visage and Vos Yeux to your daily ritual in order to visibly smooth, hydrate and regenerate your skin. Your complexion is radiant again. Because 20 years later, beauty still deserves a masterpiece.



1 x Votre Visage 50 ml 1 x Vos Yeux 15 ml 1 x Sérum Précieux Votre Visage 15 ml