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Valmont Bi-Falls Makeup Remover

Valmont Bi-Falls

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Bi-phase eye makeup remover
Dual phase makeup remover for eyes
Baring all in an instant, this eye makeup remover combines delight and efficiency. No greasy film.


A brand new look! This gentle makeup remover is safe to use on the eye area, and eliminates the most stubborn makeup. Softening skin and respecting sensitive areas, it can even be used on waterproof formulas. Skin that is free of all residue, looking fresh and replenished the next day. Suitable for all skin types.



Prebiotics: nourish the microbiota responsible for protecting the skin’s surface. Probiotics: enrich the skin flora.



Shake the bottle well and apply it to a cotton pad. Apply to areas with makeup and wait a few seconds for the makeup to dissolve. Gently slide the cotton over the area without rubbing. No need to rinse.