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 V-Neck Cream

V-Neck Cream

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Smooths and plumps the neck and its contours

Neck and décolleté lifting cream

For the first time ever, ingredients from both AWF5 lifting and firming lines are combined to unite their youth-boosting powers into 1 targeted cream.


Five technologies combine for 3-step action with a visibly youthful effect: . Vitamin C, Fibro-boost, and Peptide cocktail activate fiber production that supports collagen and elastin; . GAGs-boost restores dermal matter; . Densi-derm stabilizes the architecture of skin tissue;


V-Neck Cream focuses on the neck and décolletage, correcting fine lines and wrinkles and redensifying the skin. It significantly improves beauty with 3 visible actions: - smoothes micro-reliefs - reduces depth of skin folds - redefines the contours of the face The skin is plumped. The neck and décolletage appear visibly tighter, visually lifted.


Morning and evening, massage a dab of cream from the neckline up to the contours of the face.